Buyer, supplier, organiser, hostess, driver, cleaner: no matter the role you had in Italy at Hand, yours was a crucial piece that fit together with the others, contributing to the success of the event.

Stronger than covid, stronger than national strikes, stronger than a earthquake (yes, the event was so exclusive that we had a good shake organised, too!): we sincerely hope that you felt the passion behind every little detail that made Italy at Hand whole and that drives us hard in our daily work of promoting Italy as a top-tier destination for MICE events.

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Milano 2021, an event stronger than the pandemic

3 Days of event
1156 Business meetings
45 International Buyers from 18 Countries
35 Italian Exhibitors
4 Interactive, educational and entertaining activities in perfect Italian style
8 historical and extraordinary locations throughout Roma
13 Special Partners

6 incredible team members!

These are just some of the numbers of IAH21.
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