Focus on Roma

Roma is the city of eternal charme. Its most striking feature is that everywhere you turn your gaze, there is always something interesting to see or do. Roma has thousands of years of history. It was the first great metropolis built by humanity. It was the capital of the Roman Empire and the beating heart of one of the most important ancient civilisations. Its historical and artistic heritage is of great importance to the world.
Its historical centre has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Roma boasts the highest concentration of monuments and archaeological sites in the world. It is the City of Great Beauty. Every corner, street, church or neighbourhood has stories, secrets and legends to tell that have grown over time. Roma is an immense theatre with sumptuous scenery. There are a multitude of cloisters with secluded charme. Slender trees and pines emanate serenity and majestic domes and obelisks harness and transform light in to magic.

Unique locations



A tour in the wonderful Palazzo Colonna will guide you to the discovery of one of the oldest patrician residences in Rome. Its construction began in the fourteenth century by the Colonna family, who still resides there since eight centuries. The construction of the various wings of Palazzo Colonna lasted for five centuries. This has led to the overlapping of different architectural styles, interiors and exteriors, which characterize and reflect the different periods. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio del Grande, Carlo Fontana, Pinturicchio, Guido Reni, Tintoretto, Salvator Rosa, Bronzino, Guercino, Veronese, Vanvitelli and many others, all lent their expertise.


Galleria del Cardinale is a Roman Patrician residence of the Baroque age, between Piazza Santissimi Apostoli and Via della Pilotta, in the heart of city center. It preserves all the princely charm of the largest noble residence in Rome. The space, over 500 sqm., is illuminated, air conditioned and equipped with Wi-fi, and through large windows overlooks the garden of the historic residence. It is also the home of Italy at Hand, The Event Opening Night.



The Auditorium Parco della Musica , located in the centre of Rome, is the biggest multi- functional arts complex in Europe and one of the largest in the world hosting a varied range of artistic genres to satisfy an increasingly demanding and diverse audience.
An innovative landmark capable of welcoming thousands of visitors a day with the aim of proposing inspiring programmes of events, ideas and projects that also showcase the most varied and distant voices, history and cultures.
It is the ideal setting to guarantee the prestige of any meeting or conference.
Event organisers can choose to stage their event in a variety of contemporary spaces offering state of the art acoustics, Wifi technology and 1,000 parking spaces. Linking the concert halls is a 370 sqm multifunctional foyer, perfect for attendant exhibitions or as a focal meeting point.



In the heart of the rationalist and geometric Roman architecture rises La Nuvola, a contemporary masterpiece of the Archistar Massimiliano FuKsas. The overall maximum capacity of the Nuvola is 8.000 seats, of which over 6.000 in the conference halls and 1.762 in the Auditorium, the scenic heart of the project. The space is technologically functional, forming part of the approximately 14.000 sqm of micro-perforated fibreglass fabric that wraps around the steel body and the 3 foyers, giving the impression of a suspended cloud.
The incredible and unconventional location has been chosen for the Italy at Hand, The Event‘s Gala Dinner.